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Quality Support

ODS Aero Tools and GSE  is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company. In adhering to the stringent guidelines set by our external as well as our own quality assurance systems . We maintains a database of comprehensive procedural guidelines to control and manage the exportation of all our products. All vendor  and their respective subsidiaries  are thoroughly vetted through numerous procedures of qualification at the inquiry level. Our team members are constantly trained and updated with the latest modification and upgradation  of aircraft parts  to keep up with our commitment to total product quality compliance.

Quality is a "system standard" at ODS Aero Tools and GSE . We are an accredited member of the International Standard Orgnisation and are audited under ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System. We ensure that all of our Tools, GSE and test Equipments  carry  OEM CoC , calibration certificate etc .

ODS AeroTools and GSE   supplies quality Tools /equipments  in compliance with FAA / CAA/ EASA approved standards by providing OEM CoC / calibration/ test certificate  with full traceability, non-incident tracking and updated SRM's and IPC's. It is through these stringent standards that we are able to maintain the highest quality specifications that an aviation system warrants.

Our Quality Management System includes regular training and audits to ensure that our Products and Quality Procedures meet and exceed Industry Standards. Our system has withstood in-house audits from Airlines, accreditation companies, and maintenance facilities and  also  meets or exceeds the standards called out for ISO audit criteria.

We believe in long term relationship!!

ODS Aero Tools and GSE supports you with comprehensive Tooling  sourcing and Off the Shelf Items. Making ODS Aero Tools as  your preferred aviation tool distributor/partner allows you to easily and efficiently manage the logistics of hundreds or thousands of aircraft tools your operation may require . We provide our services to determine if a hard to find aircraft or engine tools , component or accessory whether new, new surplus, overhauled and serviceable is available.

ODS Aero Tool and GSE is  highly experienced team members make it possible for customers with aircraft-on-ground requirements (AOG requirements) or other critical needs to obtain their required aircraft  tools  quickly and ensure cost savings while complying with the highest standards of Customer satisfaction.