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Engine cradle
 Our cradles are exceptionally strong, ensuring maximum protection for the engine during transportation and shipping and boast a range of design features that set them apart from the competition.

Fig. 1

The longitudinal transportation/shipping braces are removable for normal engine change and base power-plant bay operations for superior access.

Fig. 2

The transportation arms are removable for superior access to all areas of the engine during bootstrap operations and general work in the hanger or power-plant workshops.

Fig. 3

For additional safety the top surfaces of both the cradle and the transportation base are covered with non-slip decking tape.

Fig. 4

The cradle is also fitted with jacks so that with the base removed, the cradle can be raised to a height that allows engineers to work on lower parts of the engine without having to be contortionists.


Auxiliary shock mounted castors can be fitted to the cradle, enabling bootstrap operations and hanger storage to be achieved without the cradle being fitted to the transportation base. Also height extensions can be fitted to the cradle to give additional accessibility for some engine dressing operations.


Transportation/Shipping bases for aircraft engines


Our transportation bases are exceptionally strong with excellent shock and vibration protection. Also affording very good manoeuvrability and when normally fitted our transportation bases are usually fitted with our newly designed 3 ton capacity 10" diameter twin wheel polyurethane tyre sprung castors that both roll and castor easily.. Three men can easily manoeuvre, with great accuracy, the complete base, cradle and engine assembly, even in very restricted areas.


Each castor is fitted with socket to accept a turning handle - two of which are supplied with each transportation base. The castors are also fitted with 4 way directional locks and foot operated brakes.


The castors also have excellent towing characteristics with their springs affording additional shock and vibration protection for engine, bearings and seals etc.


Alternatively, if preferred, the bases can be fitted (at extra cost) with our own designed and manufactured semi-Ackerman 18" diameter wheel and axle system with or without a manually operated hydraulic raising and lowering facility. Also there is an optional transportation guard set for the bases to give protection to the front and rear of the engine during storage or shipping.