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About ODS Aero Tools

ODS Aero Tools and GSE  has been established with the objective of supporting the Aviation Industry with 'Efficiency', 'Expertise' and 'Exceptional Customer Service'. Since its inception, it has grown fast and steady to become one of the leading supplier of Aircraft tools and GSE(Ground Support equipments) etc in Asia. ODS  Aerotools has its offices at Delhi and also being operated from Mumbai and Chennai and also being supported from USA, UK , Germany , Italy (Milano) with an efficient distribution infrastructure that could leverage a multitude of shipping options. The company has collaboration and tie ups with major partners around the globe for easier sourcing and distribution of Aircraft Toolings ,GSE, Test Equipments etc  globally.

A global network of supply is maintained by an unrivalled inventory of general aviation aircraft Toolings  in Germany . Another very important aspect is Logistics, A dedicated team works round the clock to ensure prompt deliveries of critical Tools  anywhere in the world. Experience in all aspects of Toolis  sourcing and delivery, combined with a comprehensive knowledge of all customs and hazardous goods regulations enables us to provide the very best service to our customers.

We have an experienced team members of people who understand Aviation and strive to develop personal relationships with clients offering a unique blend and balance of commercial and technical expertise to the aviation world. We endeavor hard work and look forward to providing reliable, value-added services and products to our customers.

Our current areas of operation include the Asia Pacific, Indian Sub-Continent, Middle East & Africa, and North & South Americas. We offer 24 / 7 AOG Services throughout our area of operation.

Our Vision

"To be the best in providing for the needs of Aviation Industry through 'Realistic & Efficient and cost effective Solutions, with an impressive range of products both by 'Sourcing & Off The Shelf Items'

Our Mission

bullet   To exceed our Clients' expectations in every aspect of business, whether our Clients are Individuals, Corporate Houses, Operators, MROs or Airlines."

bullet   To strive for continual Improvement by Innovation; further enhance our skills, expertise and performance by investing in the Training & Development of our Human Resources; and to provide a friendly work culture which is conducive for personal & professional growth of our team members.

bullet   To be recognized as a company of 'High Ethical Standards of Business' by incorporating and devising transparent policies & procedures.

Multipurpose Cradle IAE V2500 Engine

Fishpole Hoist Assembly - Manual Drive

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